Saturday, March 10, 2007

Change as a surprise

This post has been written almost two years ago in France.

I completed it and decided to publish it because I still find it true. Some changes on the people I know are strange. When you don't expect to see these changes they strike you completely unexpected and cause a good surprise. One has just happened a few moments ago. My father called and I told him about my trip in the previous days. Before coming here as he knows me well he told me not to go around much and stick to my studies and then I'll have enough time to visit every place that I like or do whatever I want. Well, of course my philosophy in life may be a bit different with that of my father so after just being two weeks in France when I told my father that I'm planning to go to Paris for three days, he told me to seize the moments and travel as much as I like because these days will never come back again! It felt pretty strange to here these words from my father. In all my life I've always seen my father as a man of principles who never compromises his beliefs to anything and he sticks to his word. He has been a point of stability in our family and we have always been able to look up to him although sometimes we have felt that he's being harsh on us but eventually he has been right. Even though we have seen other dads change their attitudes, their looks and their beliefs and behaviors, we have always seen our father to defend logically and calmly from what he believes in every aspect of life and the never changing existence of my father's mustache has shown how consistent he is in his life. Yeah! That is right, his mustache! Last year a French film was produced called “Mustache”.

I didn't see the film but the trailer and the name of the film made me think about my father's mustache and how unimaginable would be to picture him without his mustache. I've had fathers of my friends who have taken off their mustaches after a while and it has always been strange at first to see them change like that, but if someday my father decides to shave his mustache- which I know is impossible- that would make a big shock on us, specially for me, I know it would be unbearable and unacceptable. Maybe I'm being unreasonable but as I said this is a sign of his characteristic which has been an inspiration for us and this would simply crack and crash that picture of him in our minds.

But as I said, he has taken some changes which again is a good thing. In some cases gradually he has changed his way in life to match ours and as we have grown older this changes have become more common as if he is emptying the scene slowly and step by step so that the generation after him can take his place without a problem. I just wish I can be the same father for my own children.

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