Friday, June 22, 2007


Today I got this very nice comment from an American fellow which was very encouraging for me. This gives me the idea of writing more about the things I see in here and my views of the current situation. If only I can help one or two people to get to know my home, my country, and the world I'm living in better, then this blog has definitely served its purpose.


Yesterday, I was dreaming that I am waking up, from a nightmarish dream, to find that every thing I’ve been witnessing in the past years has never happened. To find out that Khamenei, the Iranian supreme leader, is a highly respectful guy who is taking his clergy clothes off to reveal a tux underneath and to see that Ahmadinejad takes off his mask from his face to reveal a handsome Jewish guy who for all this time has played a joke on us and Iran is actually a democratic peaceful country situated in a peaceful middle-east. To find out that Bush and Ahmadinejad are best friends and to see that Iraq war has never happened and Saddam Hussein is actually a very famous Arab comedian in Broadway scenes. To find out that 9/11 was only a special effect trick that was in a bad sci-fi movie and Bin-Laden is actually the name of a famous monkey in the Royal Zoo of Amsterdam.

To get surprised by the fact that Iran is a actually a very well respected country in the world who is trying to spread the peace which is already well established in the world and to see that tourists from all over the world come to Iran to see its historical and natural beauties and the economy is booming.

To find out that Africa is actually a very rich powerful united country where there is prospers and beauty all over it and starvation and war are words which can only be found in history books.

To realize that this all has been an outcome of a bad flu and fever I’ve had and now it is all over and we now have our future generations to raise and everything is at its own right place. And we no longer have to worry about every small details and obvious rights of our daily life and struggle to hold on to those small remaining of what we call basic human rights.

…I just hope I can really wake up and not just dream it.

I talked to my mom a few minutes ago. There are 4 or 5 marriage ceremonies back in Iran and several of my best friends are getting married and I can’t even go and visit them. The visa problem makes it impossible to even go out of US and visit the neighboring Canada. And worst, my mom told me that they can no longer hold mixed ceremonies where men and women can dance together. This is a tradition in my hometown for everyone to dance and having separated marriage ceremonies make no sense. The pressure to control every aspect of our lives is getting worse and worse and it seems that nobody cares anymore. I was very sad to hear it but my mom sounded like she doesn’t really care. And I don’t really blame them. They have come back from their rights throughout these years, one step at a time and gradually they have got used to it and besides, it is their home and their country. The worst condition of it is better than the best at some place else.