Friday, September 28, 2007

Columbia University

Finally I got rid of my previous advisor and although this semester my work has tripled but I’m a much happier person compared to last year. I’ve never been busier and this feels really good. Most of the days, I go to work at 7:30 or 8 and I come back at around midnight. I have to confess though, that not all of it is occupied by research. I have made a busy social life for myself as well. I am a secretary of a club and I have to help organize a lot of events. It helps to meet new people and get to know them which is always enjoyable.

This semester I’ve also taken the responsibility of being a TA of a lab. This on the other hand is a totally new experience. I have to deal with more than 40 students directly and their grades are in my hand. The grading process, however takes forever to do. Every time my mother or father calls to see how I’m doing my unchanged response to them is that I’m busy grading!

The only thing which I’m trying to forget about is the political situation of Iran. I try to escape the conversations which involve telling my opinion about the current situation and the Iranian president who is absolutely hopeless. The future of my country seems darker than ever and I personally don’t see any shade of hope. And this is hard for me to say because I’ve always been someone positive with high hopes about the future of myself, my country and the world overall. Someday even I used to believe that even if the situation seemed to be bad I will be able to change it even single handedly. Today I’m far far away from that view.

And this week’s events specially the one in the Columbia University with Ahmadinejad giving his opinions about the world was embarrassing for me as an Iranian and also shameful as an academician.

I’ll write more about this later.


niosha said...

سلام...چه عالی نمیدونستم که وبلاگ داری و وبلاگ میخونی :)
آدرس وبلاگ جدید آیدا :

Matja said...


My name is Matthias Koch. I`m a nineteen year old student from Switzerland. Two years ago i traveled with my family through iran and we visited teheran, yazd, shiraz, kerman, esfahan and bam. Thats the reason why i`m interested in Iran.
Actually I`m writing on an exposition about the life of young people i iran. Now i woud like to get in touch with young iranish people. I found your blog on the web and thought that would be a good possibility to becom acquainted with the life of young iranis people.


Oxy said...

Hi Matthis,

Thank you for your interest in my blog. Although I haven't been able to write much recently but keep in touch. I'll try to resume writing. Meanwhile, if you had anything to say or ask about Iran feel free. I'll be glad to know other people's opinion about my country, specially someone who has visited the country.

matja said...


Thank you for your answer. I was very pleased to recieve it and to hear that you can help my in my project. I`m still looking for information about the life of young Iranians. My questions which im interested in are:

- How spend young people in Iran their freetime?
- Where do they meet their friends?
- Is it difficlut to get in touch with new people?
- How do girls get in touch with boys and boys with girls?
- What is the way of learning a profession?
- Are you often going out with friends?
- What kind of music are you listen to?
- What kind of sport are you doing?
- What are young people in Iran interested in?

I`would be very pleased if you`d answer my questions and I`m looking forward to hearing from you. Perhaps you could write me your answer on e-Mail to

With my best wishes,