Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Cryin' won't help you know

I came across this very interesting blog called Lily in Iran about an American delegation visiting Iran and now that they are back from their trip a few days ago, one of them is sharing her experiences with us of her visit to my home country. This was the second time today that tears came to my eyes by seeing something on the internet about Iran. Am I becoming too much of a sentimental person? I hope not!
And the first one was while watching the trailer of a documentary movie about the terrible earthquake in Bam, called "Bam 6.6"


Lily Tinker Fortel said...

Hi! This is Lily of Lily in Iran. I'd love to be in touch.

Spooky Witch said...

Oh My..I miss Iran..I miss it so much..you know those crappy fast food places and those traffic jams..crowd and the life...everything bad and everything good..mountains ..and ..barbari!!

Anonymous said...

Did you hear of the Documentary called, The Cry of Iran about Haik Hovsepian?

It is very good.

I love the people of Iran and Isa died to save the people of Iran from their sins. He rose from the dead.

God is good!