Tuesday, May 20, 2008


A lot of things has changed since the last time I wrote in here but also a lot of things has not. Life goes on but it has certainly been much more easier, fun and with less stress.
My parents visited me for a month in January and it was without a doubt an unforgettable month, both for me and for them. It was also a unique experience for them too, being in US for the first time and visiting cities like New York and Washington DC. I'll always remember being in the National Mall in Washington DC with them and feeling a certain connection I had never felt before. The whole thing was kind of strange. Until then I was always their child, always needed their support and care and they were the ones who looked after me and supported me no matter what. But this has definitely changed. Now it is more a relationship of a kind of friendship, or even more than that. It was as if I was taking my little brother and sister or my nephews to sightseeing and taking care of them. Now I was the one who knew around and showed them how to do things. It was weird and also brought a certain deep caring in me for them.

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